F1 HoverpodŽ Ltd

Formula Hoverpod Racing

"The Future of Motor Sport"

This site is dedicated to all at F1 Hoverpod® Ltd who have committed so much time and hard work to make what was once a simple idea, develop into a very viable business opportunity for all involved.


The site is designed to allow positive input from all interested parties who wish to contribute and offer both constructive criticism and positive valued comments in which others may well benefit from their wisdom and words.


If you are a keen supporter of the project, I would also like to refer you to the forum on our promotion sites at Formula Hoverpod® Racing Ltd who's web site can be found at F1 Hoverpod Racing


F1 Hoverpod® Ltd have been working hard over the last four years to secure good relationships with some of the worlds best designers, technical advisers and consultants to produce a product worthy of the title "Best in the World".


The "Manx GT" has been tested with support from the world of Motor Sport, Aerospace and Marine Developments, with breakthroughs in propeller technology, engine emissions, hull technology & structure. The limits of technology did not stop there, Formula Hoverpod® Manufacture Ltd has been working hard behind the scenes to develop a new fuel system in order to increase safety and improve environmental emissions with a major reduction in both sound and Co2 pollutants. 

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